Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Ethnic Cyborg

Hi Yasminers,

Following Roger's post

> one can imagine cybernetic organisms which use a plant as the starting organism
> rather than a human body
> Stelarc has implanted a third ear into his body, but a plant with
> fingers would be
> a different way of looking at a cybernetic organism !

"The Grafting Parlour" a group of artists that took part
in the eMobilArt project had a project of "providing" plants
with some "extensions" like that. They did not pursue that
during the eMobilArt project but I don't know if they intend
to do it in other contexts. I think some of them are on this
list, so they might just comment as I don't recall all the

There is also the work of Guto Nobrega :

and Masaki Fujihata with the orchids, providing the plants
with things that look like Stelarc artificial components and
for sure Amy Young who provided a cactus genetically
ingeniered to have no needles with a "armor" that would
close when you come toward it.

> a human beings we are rightfully fixated on our own bodies, but if we look
> at the organisms that have thrived the longest on our planet they are
> not primates

and remember that pigs "manufactured" human insuline for
years before we knew how to make it artificially (that is
with the help of bacterias !!!! the most wonderful organisms
in the known world).

But, I may go in a direction that is not really related to
this discussion. If so, I apologize.


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