Thursday, July 9, 2009

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resistance by a thousand

How would you interpret the word resistance?
(no more than 5 words)

please help with this project by writing your answer here:

or by sending it to:

Your answer will be written in the interactive electronic painting.

The objective of this project is to get 1000 answers, from anyone
interested in participating, which will be written in every of the 600
paintings that compose a bigger painting 79" x 63". The answers also
will be published in a website created especially for RX1000. The
small paintings- that compose the major painting -are joined together
through threads representing a net. Devices connected to circuits will
be installed on the smaller paintings causing the vibratory movement
of the "net-painting".

People will be able to remotely modify the painting's vibrations
through Internet.


This work investigates the relation between art-work and nets.

I am interested in the displacement of the new digital technologies to
the analogous physical dimension, and in that matter this work
pretends to include diverse significant elements with their roots in
my experience with creation the last 20 years.

The creative excercise in nets of mail art, the participation
of columnists and readers of Escáner Cultural, the connections through
telepresence and net art have offered me the possibility to understand
the value of comunication as a fundamental component for the
development of arts, comunication that is necessary to define the word
RESISTANCE through diverse sights.

The action of making vibrate different areas of the distance-paintings
is an element which pretends to demonstrate the participation of the
individual in a community. The invitation to define what is
resistance? acts as an inclusion element. The painting represents the
product of the NETWORK, which would not be possible without the
collective cooperation. To include the contribution of "others" adds
value to the artistic product.

Communication - Interaction – Inclusion - Product

Creation and organization of networks as effective instruments of resistance.

Appreciating your colaboration,

Yto Aranda
July 2009

The answers will be written on the painting until we collect thousand of them.


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