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From: Raquel Paricio <>

Please Roger post it for me on the YASMIN-discussions:

Dear Yasminers, is a good topic to think. I'm an artist located in
Barcelona working with robots, artificial Life and expanding
perceptions in order to acquire some superior level of consciousness.
Personnel consciousness and collective consciousness. It means more
consciousness in order to evolve.

Related to the projects of ingravity, in 2007 we won a VIDA prize to
make a robotic installation made with this topic: "Columna Ingravida".
The project is just in the phase to be tested. On this project the
feeling of ingravity is done by feeling a long cue that as a
continuation of our spine. A long cue of 20 illuminated robots which
self-organize can surround the users provoking a high level of
attention at the spine and provoking the ingravity sensation of the

Roger said: "Artists like Stelarc and Kac advocate strongly that the
human being is "modifiable" in a desirable way= and that to survive we
need to accelerate human evolution."...

I agree with Roger, Stelarc, Kac... we have to accelerate our
evolution. The collective consciousness has been increased with the
use of connected nets around the world, this is a reality but it's not
enough (we can see that the disaster in the planet is increasing every

My proposal (short explained) is:

1.- The personnel consciousness: it could be increased with a lot of
ancient techniques or disciplines, especially that coming from the
west. And artist can use it with a point of reference to invent new
artifacts that emulate, provoque or permit to feel  the same estates.
On this point the use of the last technologies can permit to achieve
these perceptions faster that the ancient disciplines.

For example, the question of the "ingravity feelings" (due that Roger
has pointed out the question) is some state that can appear as some
kind of advanced feeling to evolve our consciousness. A lot of
"masters" explain these states and a lot of literature has been
written about this. Also mechanisms like the tanks of gravitation used
firstly to prepare astronauts and used nowadays for body relaxation
are an example of how we can accelerate the achievement of these
feelings. The question is how to use these feelings in order to
continue evolving and not remaining only with the "feelings". Moreover
that Marceli Antunez Seiko Mikami has create the "Gravicells" project,
where the spectator-user can be conscious of some kind of
disequilibrium that can induce certain level of ingravity.

The question is to communicate the feeling and keeping the experience
in the body after using the installation to continue working on.

2.- The collective consciousness: in an article published at
Technoetic Arts I said:

"There is a way of understanding evolution that does not fit in with a
Darwinian view of evolution. The processes that lead to the evolution
of consciousness are not based on the manipulation of matter, but
rather on the transformation of energy. Human beings must have the
ability to command their environment, to command nature and to make it
respond to their needs, transforming it without destroying it.
Adaptable technology is one way to bring about such transformation.
These transformations point towards something that lies beyond
contemporary spatio-temporal concepts. It is a manifestation that
springs from the individual's love towards the collective. This
evolution will be accomplished when the union of subjectivities
towards transcendence has taken place in every corner of the planet."

Garcia, R.P. , "Res-qualia: Could consciousness evolve?", Technoetic
Arts 5:1, pp.35-44, doi:10.1386/tear.5.1.35/1 . 2007

On this point, even if I'm "attacking" the proposals of the genetics
to evolve, is not really like that. The question is the use of that in
a future. And I'm asking about other less "invasive" possibilities.

Recently Stephen Hawking  said that on this moment it is impossible to
evolve the intelligence (well I prefer to speak of consciousness, but
I suppose that on this context is the same). We have to emigrate to
other planets and that the only way to evolve is thought the genetic
modification. And that will imply the rising of a "superman" and the
non modified humans will be not necessary.

In fact, against this premonitions I continue thinking that we can
evolve our consciousness here and now, but we have to INTENCIONATE it.
The fabulous possibilities of the  genetic modifications can be used
whith ETHICAL proposes.

Raquel Paricio

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