Friday, July 3, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] Ethnic Cyborg


i see you gave a seminar
The cultural, social, economical and aesthetic role of the human body
in Interactive Media Arts.

and i also see your robot that dissembles itself project, a radical cyborg !!

do you have any thoughts on the way the body is treated within
interactive media arts as a function of different peoples ethnic origin ?
how does spanish new media interactive art treat the body differently
than french interactive media art ?


Following Roger's invitation, I am attaching an abstract document about some
experiments that I have been developing in my studio and also together with
some of my graduate students in this program MACAPD - Master in Contemporary
Arts Practice & Dissemination

Some of these experiments will be ready for public
presentation/exhibition/discussion next year so it would be nice to hear from
interested editors/curators/peers.



Roc Parés (PhD)
Mas Feliu, La Vila
17132 Foixà
Baix Empordà, Catalunya
Mòbil: (+34) 616 484 796

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