Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Dear Friends,

Enjoy there my project "5G" with IDO Company's 3D printer:

While the sixth Guggenheim Museum was under construction in Mexico, in
2006, I captured data on the five existing Guggenheims. The traces of
this very real course provide an echo of a possible virtual construction
of a museum on a planetary scale, of which the Guggenheims are the
symbol. The shift from a fluid architecture of the virtual to a reality
of the constructed form takes shape in the final stage of my project in
Paris, involving a 3D video animation created by Brian Bey, and a resin
model, from 3D prototyping, in collaboration with the IDO company, that
is based on the elements I brought together.

This 5G is composed of a photo, in conjunction with GPS coordinates
showing the exact position of the images taken in front of the 5
Guggenheims in Berlin in June, Bilbao in July, New York and Las Vegas in
August, and Venice in September. 5G thus defines itself as the outline
for a performance-installation networking several sites on a global
scale. A unique moment that is in symbiosis with the projected entity
involving more than a hundred Guggenheims all over the world that is now
being studied.

This project has already outlined the infinite scope for feasible
artistic achievement in terms of the distribution and exchange of
tomorrow's works of art, in the all-digital age. But it is also a
tribute to the will of one woman, Peggy Guggenheim, that is directed
towards artistic creation -- a woman who was cursed in the 20th century
and is more than acknowledged today. For the transmutation of living
forms involves an endless movement, and it is only this current epoch of
ours that has established the bounds to be crossed.

You could find one picture/video/text on my Facebook group "remixarts".
Don't hesitate if you would presentate my project in your exhibition!!!!!!!!

Best regards,

PS: "5G" was presented in my installation/projection "5/5" in 2007 at
SIANA France

Christian LAVIGNE a écrit :
> Dear friends and colleagues,
> Our Ars Mathematica association is currently preparing the 8th edition
> of INTERSCULPT (the 9th, if we count the very first event in 1993!), the
> networked biennial of digital sculpture, which also explores the
> relationship between art, science and technology. INTERSCULPT 2009 is
> planned from Monday 16th to Sunday 22th of November.
> This year we will focus the conference and the exhibition - at the
> French venue in Metz (Lorraine) - on the 2 international celebrations
> concerning Astronomy and DARWIN. Here is the IS 2009 Web page:
> http://www.intersculpt.org/is2009/index.html
> Our event was selected by the "Ministère de la Recherche" and "Culture
> Scientifique et Technique", as one of the 6 main events of the "Fête de
> la Science" in France. Another interesting point is that a new CENTRE
> POMPIDOU is currently under construction in Metz, and we will have the
> opportunity to acquaint the CP Metz team with Digital Sculpture ...
> If you are interested to contribute to the event, if you have worked or
> if you are working on themes that fit our topics, we will be very
> pleased to display your 3D renderings or animations, your websites, and
> to show your physical works in the exhibition (we may receive the works
> via FedEx, UPS, etc., and return them back; or we may build some
> sculptures in using a 3D printer).
> Unfortunately, at present, we don't have the financial means to invite
> you physically to Metz for the event, but if some of you can find a
> budget for coming to France, you will be welcome. It's also possible to
> schedule videoconferences during the exhibition week.
> INTERSCULPT 2009 is a networked event, and we know - at the beginning of
> July - that at least 2 others places will organize simultaneous events:
> - IS2009 Cincinnati, thanks to Pr. Derrick WOODHAM
> <derrick.woodham@uc.edu> -
> http://derrickwoodham.net/daapatintersculptw.htm
> - TELESCULPTURE 2009, thanks to Pr. Dan COLLINS <dan.collins@asu.edu>
> Please get in touch with them for more details.
> We hope to read you soon.
> Christian LAVIGNE & Alexandre VITKINE.
> PS: If you are no more working in the field of the digital sculpture,
> please forward this email to other concerned people you may know. Thanks.

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