Tuesday, July 14, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] cyborg, lines, bergson

hello yasmin,

my name is jeni, i'm a biologist and installation artist in NY. i've
been following this list for a bit and enjoy it. thank you.

this whole process of looking out -to look in- to look out is
insatiably delicious. to place oneself in an eco/system (a place, a
landscape, ones sense of 'understanding', ones personal knowledge of
'world') as defined by not being in another system (which combined is
World(?)). to generate a carte blanche cyborg and begin to color it -
so to look out at and thereby be able to reflect in, is fascinating to
me. to create the word 'human'. and to then create the word
'citizen' (or then again 'cyborg'). and then to try to reconcile the
differing words which are meant to embody 1 thing, when these words
are constantly morphing in our cultures, is to wish for the omni-
impotence of stasis. to be in the 'now' - to understand the immediate
now - is impossible. if i touch you, there is a lag between the
contact and the relay of information to your brains comprehension. we
are always 'blindly' creating ahead of comprehending. our creation is
the platform for our reflection. so to create a cyborg... how do our
minds follow the action of our hands (creation is reciprocally and
implicitly bound to destruction) in order to achieve this thing called

i haven't read any of the articles you refer to and apologize for the
generalizing spin on cyborg, but i'm wanting to add from bergson:
"in order to perceive a line as a line, it is necessary to take up a
position outside it"
we can watch states of transition 'under the form of a discrete
multiplicity, which amounts to setting them out in a line, in the
space in which each of them existed separately'
how do we get to 'succession without distinction' ? so our individual
minds can then 'think of it (succession) as mutual penetration, an
interconnexion and organization of elements which represents the
whole, and cannot be distinguished or isolated from it'. or really,
maybe what i'm asking is - how do we get back into our own body
(singular and collective, sensual and political, figure and field,
agent and ecosystem)?

a bergsonian kiss (que lastima!).
we (yes i'm absorbing all of you for i cannot be only i, even from the
lush primordial pool of my own subjectivity watching the lot of you
change my landscape)


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