Friday, July 10, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] Fwd: Reminder for LASER of July 13


Just a reminder for the forthcoming Leonardo Art/Science Evening of
monday July 13 at San Francisco California,

You can find the updated program and all details (time, place) at

The bottom of that webpage has a list of the people who already RSVPed.
If you are planning on coming and you are not in that list, please
RSVP. Feel free to invite acquaintances but please ask to RSVP.

Thank you,
piero scaruffi
Leonardo Art Science Evenings - LASERs
on behalf of
Sponsored by: ZKM|Center for Art and Media


# 6:45-7:10:
# Jamie McHugh of John Kennedy University and Tamalpa Institute on
"Inner and Outer Landscapes"
We are nature: our soma and psyche are reflections of the elements.
This informs my work both as a "body conservationist" (somatic
movement educator) and as a photographer of Nature's body. My images -
Nature Being Art - transmit the living earth not as figurative
landscape but as contemporary abstract art, reflecting the dynamic
balance of movement and stillness found both in nature and in body. I
will present my images of the natural environment as contemplative
objects in tandem with an embodied approach to meditation.
# 7:10-7:35: Daniel "Cosmo Kichman" Grupp (Artist in residence at
DeYoung Museum) on "Yielding to Irony: Understanding the Illusion of
Importance in Art and Science."
Both art and science can attain levels of great importance in our
lives. We start from a clear intention, and may end up in a place
where the importance itself is what is important. In both art and
science, we may present with magnified importance an idea or an
object, completely without irony. In this talk I explore the joy we
can experience when we yield to the irony of our seriousness.
# 7:35-7:50: BREAK
# 7:50-8:15: Rhonda Holberton, artist, on "Geopolitical Ruptures: How
Science, Technology, and Repo-modernism will save the World"
My discussion will address visual language and how it operates within
a cultural paradigm to reinforce political ideology. Is it possible
that cultural indexes are beginning to suggest the end of one
imaginary totality and the beginning of another; Post-Industrial,
Post-postmodernism, Post-materialism, Post-oil, Post-technology,
Post-capitalism, Post-global warming, Post-cultural revolution,
Post-autonomous, Post-democratic? How are the arts, sciences, and
technology fields working together within the ruptures of our current
system to prepare us for this ideological shift?
# 8:15-8:45: Terrence Deacon (U.C. Berkeley) on "The Aesthetic Faculty"
Why don't cats paint? The evolution of human capacity for symbolic
communication, as distinct from indexical (e.g. symptomatic) and
iconic (e.g. pictorial) communication, took place over the course of
nearly 2 million years of hominid prehistory. In the process a complex
co-evolution between brains and language-like processes significantly
modified the way humans know and experience the world. This altered
both cognition and emotionality. These changes reorganized our memory
systems predisposing us to narrative cognition, created a compulsion
to discover meanings behind appearances, and opened the possibility
for human-unique emotions due to the symbolic ease of blending
incongruous and dissonant cognitive and perceptual experiences. We are
not only capable of these experiences, we are compelled to seek them.
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